On Building Confidence And Not Dying Of “Exposure”

exposureIn the nine years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve watched as my peers toiled mightily. Poured their hearts out, flicking endlessly back and forth between WordPress, Typepad, email, Facebook, then Twitter, then Pinterest, then Google+, and everything in between, making sure they’re reaching out, answering back to their communities and supporting other people’s work. You’ve never seen a multi-tasker in your life like someone in social media.

It’s never ending. Your readers will contact you at 3am in the morning. While you’re on vacation. When you’re in the hospital. And that’s okay because you love them, you’ve created something with them that’s hard to explain but yet it’s there and it exists and you keep feeding it because you love it and them and, to your delight, it keeps growing. There’s always more to write, new ideas to chase after, and new people to help, and while we sometimes complain about it because it’s exhausting and draining, we also love it. I love it as much or more than I love cheese, and that’s saying something. [Read more…]